Where can I pay my deposit?

There is a Buy Now button on the left hand colomn of either the petting zoo page or the animal show page that takes you to Paypal for a $75 payment that is credited towards your balance owed. Here is a direct link to programs

What happens if I need to cancel my event?

Cancellations must be made 24hrs prior to your event or the full balance is still owed.

What is the difference in the Petting Zoo and the Animal Show?

The petting zoo is an outdoor setup like a typical petting zoo with a mixture of farm animals and exotic animals like deer, wallaby or kangaroo and shetland sheep. The animal show is indoors and an educational presentation with funny stories. The animal list is right here

What ages are best for the Animal Show and Petting Zoo?

For birthdays children turning 4yrs and up are best for animal shows. I have had children younger that were animal crazy love the animal shows so it is possible for younger kids. For schools, libraries, etc we have programs designed for all ages. The Petting zoo is great for all ages.

Do the kids get to touch the animals in the Animal Show?

Absolutely they can touch the animals that allow it in the show. The birthday child gets to hold and touch first and the guests get to touch.

How much room is needed and can the Animal Show be outdoors?

All shows must be hosted indoors. For birthdays I need a place to sit on the floor with the kids and lay my mat down for them to sit around. Most parties set us up in the living room and move a coffee table. For schools, libraries, etc I need a table at the front of room to set up on a preferably a taped off front border that kids can not pass and a walkway if it's a larger crowd so the kids in the back can see also.

How much room is needed for the Petting Zoo and where do you set up?

A 10'x10' area is needed for the petting zoo to set up and on GRASS. If grass is not available we must be notified ahead of time so we are properly prepared. Under a shade tree is also appreciated both for the animals and the kids.

What happens to my Petting Zoo if it rains or is too cold?

If it is light rain we have a tent. If it is thunder and lightening we must reschedule your event. We can also tarp the floor and set up in a garage if it rains or is too chilly and windy outdoors. If a garage is not an option we much reschedule your event or you deposit will be refunded if we have to cancel due to weather.

What animals come with the Exotic Petting Zoo?

Typically the animals that travel for birthdays with the Exotic Petting Zoo are at least 5 different species like the Wallaby OR Lemur, Iran Sheep OR Shetland Sheep, Angora OR English Lop Rabbits, Fallow Deer, Piglets, and Pygmy Goats with a total of 10 animals.

What animals come with the Farm Petting Zoo?

Typically the animals that travel for birthdays with the Farm Petting Zoo are at least 5 different species like the Piglets, Pygmy Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, Calf if available, chickens.

Are we able to pick out animals for our Petting Zoo?

NO, there is not a list to choose from however, you may request the alpaca and calf and choose if the option is available the wallaby over the lemur. There is NO GUARANTEE the animals with be there.

Are we able to pick our animals for the Animal Show?

YES, there is a list of the animals here (insert link). Please pick 6 for the 45 minute show and 8 for the one hour show. There is NO GURANTEE that all of the animals will be able to attend. If you have an absolute favorite please let me know so I can do my best to make sure that one is there.